What are the SEO trends in 2020?

The main SEO trends in 2020 are: your website will get fewer clicks, focus on featured snippets, your business listing on Google is crucial for local findability, create valuable content for your target group and focus on qualitative link building and brand awareness.

Important SEO trends in 2020

In recent years, Google has focused entirely on improving the intelligence of its search engine , so that it can better understand our searches and provide us with the correct answer better and faster. That “better” and “faster” can be seen in the SEO trends in 2020. Better has everything to do with the quality and added value of content. Faster is all about finding an answer in as few clicks as possible. Below we explain what this means for your website.

The SEO trends in 2020:

  1. Websites get fewer clicks
  2. Featured snippets are becoming more important
  3. A business listing on Google is crucial for local SEO
  4. Create content for your target audience
  5. Qualitative link building and brand awareness 

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the frequent use and repetition of important keywords . If keywords occur remarkably often in the text, this is noticeable and does not come across naturally to a reader. If you apply this trick, it will be at the expense of your ranking. Keyword stuffing also involves listing a list of locations you want to rank for, like all the place names where you operate. Or repeat a keyword in different variations and synonyms time and time again. That is also noticeable and is not seen as natural.


When the content on a page is different for a visitor than for a search engine , we speak of cloaking. This trick is used to score well on irrelevant keywords. In other words: you are fooling Google by presenting different keywords than what the page content is actually about. The result is that visitors with search results are misled because they are presented with different content than the search result suggests. Cloaking will therefore not only annoy search engines, but also visitors.

Many websites have paid in the past to get a lot of incoming links and thereby give Google the idea that the website was very popular because of all those incoming links. This is still used and almost all website owners are sometimes approached by sites that offer paid link building. With the introduction of the Penguin update, Google has clearly indicated that it does not like this and is punishing it.

Spamming via blog comments

To get a lot of incoming links, site owners also choose to post comments with links under blog articles with a reference to their website or webshop. Especially when the link has no logical connection to the blog article, so it is an irrelevant link and is considered spam. With the Penguin update, Google has indicated that it is aiming for relevant and qualitative links. So this trick is not appreciated either.

The misuse of structured data

With structured data you can enrich a search result (snippet) with extra information, such as photos, reviews, prices, etc. But when you include unfair information in your snippet , such as unfairly obtained and too high reviews. When Google finds out, you may get penalised for this so be honest.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is copied content that has previously been published on another website. Publishing the same content in more places makes it more likely that the content will be found. However, your website will contain information that has no added value, because the content has already been published elsewhere. Visitors may also find it annoying that they arrive at the same content via different search results. Duplicate content has no added value and is therefore punished.

Don’t turn to the dark side

These 6 black hat SEO techniques are therefore not an option and do more harm than good . So it is wise not to join the dark side and stay in the light. Follow Google’s rules and treat her as if it is a living person. Write your content with your target audience in mind and ensure that your content is of added value. If your content is of added value to visitors, the same applies to Google and will properly rate and index your website.

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