What are important SEO KPIs?

What are important SEO KPIs?

Your website has a purpose. If you have a webshop, you want to sell as much as possible. If you have a website, you want to get in contact with potential customers. To achieve your goal you must have a number of SEO KPIs in the eye. In this blog we discuss the most important KPIs that will help you reach your goal.

SEO KPIs in the sales process

Probably you are familiar with the “sales funnel”, the phases in the sales process. In this blog article we will look at the KPI’s (Key Performance indicators) of the sales process in relation to the SEO efforts you make. For this we describe 4 phases in the sales process. These 4 phases are:

  • Attention
  • Interested
  • Choice
  • Conversion

Standing out and getting attention

First of all, you need to stand out and get attention: your potential customers need to be able to find your website or webshop. To do this, it is important that you have processed the keywords your target group uses to search for your products or services. If your website or web shop is optimized well, you will stand out and get attention. The following KPI’s are important and can be measured as follows:

  • Your ranking in search engines (
  • The number of screenings, clicks and the CTR (Google Search Console)
  • The number of organic visitors and growth (Google Analytics)

With SEO tools you can specify which keywords are important to you and measure your ranking in various search engines. Then you can further optimize your pages in order to be found better. Via Google Search Console you can track which keywords your website is found on and how many visitors click through. Google Analytics then shows the number of visitors to your website and its growth over a certain period of time.

Interest of serious visitors

Getting visitors isn’t enough. The intention is that as many visitors as possible also show serious interest in what you have to offer. They should get the feeling that your website or web shop offers what they are looking for. The following KPI’s are important and can be measured as follows:

  • The number of visitors that leave immediately – bounce rate (Google Analytics)
  • The number of pages visited (Google Analytics)
  • The time spent on your website (Google Analytics)
  • The number of returning visitors (Google Analytics)

The bounce rate indicates how many visitors came to your website and left immediately. This can be an indication that visitors did not find what they were hoping for. Google Analytics also shows you the number of pages visited and how long a visitor stays on a page. These are indications of whether visitors find your website interesting and whether they read and view pages seriously. The number of returning visitors is also an important indication of whether visitors appreciate your website.

The choice for your product or service

If visitors find what they are looking for, chances are they will choose you to purchase the product or service. They will then take the next step in the sales process and take action. It is important that you make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the next step and complete it. The following KPI’s are important and can be measured as follows:

  • Reaching a goal (Google Analytics)
  • The number of times a target has been reached and the growth (Google Analytics)
  • The increase in the number of leads due to organic search traffic (Google Analytics)
  • In Google Analytics you can set goals.

For example, a visitor reaches a page on which conversion can take place, such as ordering something, requesting something, contacting, etc. Google Analytics then keeps track of how often a goal is reached. You can also see how often a goal is reached by someone who found your website through a search. This gives a good indication of whether your SEO efforts yield results.

Conversion to sales results

The ultimate goal is conversion of visitors to sales results: the sale of products or services. With webshops this means checking out in the shopping basket and with other websites, for example, requesting a quote. The following KPIs are important and can be measured as follows:

  • The number of sales in your webshop (webshop dashboard)
  • The number of requests or contact requests (e-mails, downloads, completed forms, etc.)
  • The number of conversions by organic search traffic (Google Analytics)

The most important results can be seen in the number of sales you realize with your webshop, or the number of requests, downloads or contact requests you receive. Also in this case you can use Google Analytics to measure how often a conversion is realized by organic search traffic, which gives a good indication of what SEO can bring you.

Improve SEO using KPI’s

If results are disappointing, you can use that to further optimize your website or webshop. For example, keep a close eye on how often visitors come to an order page, download page or contact page, but do not take action in the end. Apparently, something then stops them. By experimenting with adjustments to a page (e.g. A-B test) you might be able to increase the number of conversions and get more results.

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