What are Featured Snippets? How to be ranked higher than 1st in search results

Featured snippets are information that is displayed higher than the results of organic search, and it is a mechanism that highlights the answer the user wants in the search results.

In order to display it higher on Google’s search engine, it is necessary to think about the user and create content that is “quick”, “easy to understand”, “easy to find”, and “easy to move to the next action” for the user. There is a need for content that is essentially about the user, without the tricks.

Meanwhile, in addition to displaying the site in the search result list, Google has developed a service called featured snippet that displays a part of the site information in order to quickly provide the best answer to the user.
In this article, we’ll introduce you to these highlighted snippets.

What is an featured snippet?

Before we talk about featured snippets, let’s start with what a snippet is.

What is a snippet?

A snippet is a short piece of text that contains a description of a site displayed in search results on the Internet under the headline of the site.

For example, when you search for “what is a snippet”, the following information comes up

Generally, the snippet is displayed and the user sees the information in the snippet and decides whether or not the information he or she wants to know is available on the site, so the information you put in the snippet plays an important role in getting the user to click on it.

What is a featured snippet?

On the other hand, featured snippets are similar to regular snippets as they have information that appears in search results on the Internet, but featured snippets are information that appears higher than organic search results, and the answers that users seek are displayed higher than the list of sites in the search results.

For example, if you search for “how to setup iphone”, or “weather in melbourne”, the answer will appear at the top of Google’s search results and the user will be able to get the information they want without having to visit the site.

How the highlighted snippet is displayed

When it appears on the search results as an featured snippet, you can expect to gain strong trust from users, which will not only encourage them to view the page, but also increase the credibility of your site.

Let’s take a look at how these featured snippets are made to appear and how they work.

How is it displayed?

The basic premise of how featured snippets are displayed is that we cannot force them to be featured snippets from our own site.

Google looks at the user’s question (search information), determines that the answer to that question is on the site’s page, and then uses some of the information on the site to answer the user as the featured snippet.

However, if Google can’t find the information, it can’t make it into an featured snippet, so at the very least, the site operator needs to make sure that Googlebot can crawl the site correctly, that the site structure and HTML are correct, and that the information is posted as text information on the site.

Not all keywords are displayed

Even if you have structured your site correctly so that the featured snippet appears, or if you have presented the information in a way that is easy to understand, it does not necessarily mean that the featured snippet will appear.

It will not appear as an featured snippet unless Google determines that the user’s question has been properly and clearly expressed and picked up.

Sites displayed without notice may change

Even if you’ve been adopted by Google as an featured snippet, it can be changed without notice. This is because Google is constantly updating its search results with the user in mind.

Therefore, even if it is adopted as an featured snippet, if other sites were presenting information that is more clear and valuable to users, it will be changed without notice, and sites that no longer appear as an featured snippet may see a drastic decrease in traffic than they did when they were.

Just because a site appears as a featured snippet doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever.

Difference between featured snippet and knowledge graph

There is a knowledge graph as a mechanism similar to the featured snippet, but these two mechanisms are different.

What is a Knowledge Graph?

A similar mechanism to the featured snippet is the knowledge graph, but the two are different mechanisms.

A knowledge graph is a search results screen that shows not only text, but also places, people. This is a function that displays search results based on attributes for search keywords such as works.

What is the difference between an featured snippet and a knowledge graph?

The highlighting snippet is to extract the information that seems to be most suitable from the website based on the question content searched by the user and display a part of it to provide the information that the user wants to obtain.

However, Knowledge Graph collects all the related information from various sites based on the information asked by the user and displays it on the right side of the search result.It collects related information rather than displaying the answer. It will be to provide a summarized state.

For example, the information that appears on the right when you search for “John Travolta” as shown below.

Apart from the snippets of information you’ve searched for, you’ll also find a variety of other information such as date of birth, birth, height, and movies you’ve appeared in. It is displayed on the right side of the page in a grouped format and displays the information the user wants to know in the search results. The purpose of this service is similar to that of the featured snippet, which is provided before clicking on a given site. However, the methods of delivery are different for each.

Differences between featured and rich snippets

Next, let’s look at the difference between the fatured snippet and the rich snippet.

What is a rich snippet?

Rich snippets are sites that users can choose from among the sites that appear in the search results screen or a mechanism that visually displays some of the page content to help you make that decision.

What is the difference between the featued snippet and the rich snippet?

As for the difference between featured snippets and rich snippets, featured snippets are Google’s search results, The rich snippets are the top results in google with some extra information pulled from the structured data present on the HTML pages.

Advantages of Featured snippets

Increases site reliability

Appearing as a featured snippet increases the credibility of your site. This is of course, credibility from Google, but it also increases the credibility from users.

Google will evaluate and display the correct information at the top of the search results, and users will be able to see that, encouraging people to click through to the site. As a company, you can also expect to improve your brand.

Click-through rate (CTR) goes up

In addition to increased credibility, when the information appears at the top of the search result listings to users it will result in higher click-through rate.

Even if your site information is on the first page of search results, if it doesn’t appear on the top of the page, your click-through rate will not be as expected, but if it appears as a featured snippet, the number of clicks will go up dramatically.


If the page is adopted as a featured snippet, the number of users will increase dramatically, so I would like to aim for it as a marketer, but to do so, it is necessary to know the user well and make the site simple and easy to understand from the user’s perspective.

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