Skyscraper method: don't miss these opportunities!

Content is King. Yes, Everyone will agree. Don’t you? Still, it makes sense. But without good backlinks, Content isn’t worth that much. With the skyscraper method, it is possible to get many relevant backlinks for your Content in a relatively short time.

The skyscraper method or skyscraper technique is an online marketing method with which you can become the skyscraper of the internet. This method was developed by Brian Dean of the well-known platform

On this platform, you will find various tips and tricks that help you improve your website’s online visibility or webshop.

Are you curious about how you can boost your website with the skyscraper method? I’ll tell you all about it.

What is the skyscraper method?

The skyscraper method is a technique that allows you to create valuable content based on existing Content. You can see the skyscraper method as a way you ‘piggyback’ on the popularity of a particular topic. 

You make smart use of that popularity to put your website on the map and get visitors to your site.

The approach of the skyscraper method is simple: you look at what Content is ranking high for a particular subject and cleverly respond to it by offering what is not there yet. You then bring your Content to the attention of websites that have already published on this topic, intending to get relevant links from these websites to your new piece of Content.


The skyscraper method in a nutshell:


1. Make an inventory of what Content is already available on your topic.
2. Find out what’s missing? This can be specific information as well as an appealing way of transferring information.
3. Create the ‘missing link’ you just tracked down.
4. Connect with others who have written or shared Content on this topic and try to get as many links as you can to your own piece of Content.
5. Keep your content up to date.

What can the skyscraper method mean for my website?

With the skyscraper technique, you create valuable Content and let your website rise above the competition. This ultimately results in higher positions in the search engines. Higher positions in the search engines provide more traffic and more reach.


Two birds with one blow


While Content is king, good Content has no value without authority. The two core concepts for SEO are Content and authority (which you build through link building ). Both concepts are indispensable for the visibility of your website in search engines. The skyscraper technique is a method to create valuable content that deserves to be shared. So you have two birds with one stone: you create good content, and you build authority in go!

How does the skyscraper method work?

Find the Popular Search term for which you want to rank. This creates high competition, so you have to do your best to score well in the search engines for that popular keyword.

You have compiled the Content based on the needs of readers for this specific topic. To set up a successful skyscraper campaign, it is important to respond to the user’s problems. By helping the user with their problem and offering them solutions, you create strong Content that is actually of value to the user.


Based on the topic you’ve chosen, it’s important to figure out how to make this topic as interesting as possible for your readers.


Does your article solve a problem your readers are facing? Does your article reveal a life hack, giving your reader good tips or valuable facts? Is it a scientific topic or a very informative piece of text?


A sound thought-out skyscraper campaign offers you the opportunity to give your website or platform a good name with a large audience. Do you help your readers with your Content? Then the success rate of your skyscraper campaign is considerably higher than if you set it up with low- quality Content.

Below we describe the ‘content Outreach’ and how it can help you set up a successful skyscraper campaign.

Content Outreach to Setup Skyscraper Campaign.

The purpose of the skyscraper method is to create Content that is so good that it is undoubtedly worth sharing. The Content you create must therefore be a real showstopper. 

When you get the piece of Content out, you want mouths to fall open and the audience to be enthusiastic. You will soon take your piece of Content with you on something I call the ‘content Outreach”. In other words, you present your information to webmasters over and over again in the hopes of bringing in links and so building authority for your website. During the content outreach, you want the reader’s mouths to fall open and the audience to be wildly enthusiastic.

You need excellent, in-depth and original Content to take with you on your outreach. Don’t start creating Content at random, but make a well-thought-out content plan and take the time to create excellent Content. Make sure your Content is worth sharing!

To write good, innovative Content, it is important always to ask yourself, while creating Content, whether the Content is actually interesting for the target group that you would like to appeal to. This is a basic step that is crucial in setting up the skyscraper campaign.

Tips for the content Outreaching

Finding or developing good Content is not always easy. There are several methods to find good Content or good content ideas. Do you want to go on a content Outreach? Then search for Content in these ways:


• Look for old Content that has scored well in the past. Give this Content a new look and take this ‘new’ Content with you on your outreach.
• Some forms of Content can hardly help but score well.
• Choose to present your topic in the guise of a life hack, valuable tip or DIY, and you can easily trigger people’s curiosity.

• Don’t underestimate the importance of imagery.


Infographics are very popular. Videos and live streams are also doing well.
Take a look at video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Notice what Content is currently going viral or has been very well received in the past.

With these tips, you will develop good content ideas that you can use on your outreach and help you set up a successful skyscraper campaign.

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