Order a Full Technical Audit For Your Website

Receive a Full Video Audit for your Website along with a recommendations report that you can execute yourself or seek help from one of our Growth Hack Specalists.

SEO Audit Approach

360 Degree View

We employ a 3 fold strategy to understand, operate and maintain your website.

  • We understand your website’s current structure, On-page and Off-page scenario and take preventative measure to make sure they are in line with Google’s guidelines.
  • We then work on a roadmap by predicting how On-page changes and certain certain backlinks will impact the rankings.
  • The third step is to analyse the GA and GSC Data to make proactive decisions that will led to the success of your campaign.

technical audit

Our Very first step in accepting a SEO Project

Keyword Research

Understanding the right Keywords for the campaign along with their volume and difficulty. This lays the foundation of what needs to be achieved and assist in developing the correct Roadmap

OnPage optimisation

Onpage optimisation of a web page helps in making Search Engines understand what our service or blog page is all about and helping Search Engines help us rank for the right Keywords targeted on the pages

Offpage optimisation

This is all about building authority by getting brand mentions, building authority stacks, business citations and acquiring editorial backlinks from relevant web properties

Analytics and reporting

This phase is essential in understanding the process of campaigns and picking winners and losers

My SEO Process

Try My PDCA Process


For all my SEO Projects I start by conducting a Technical Audit. I use my Findings to prepare a 6-12 months of SEO Roadmap


The next step in the process is to Execute the strategy laid out in the PLAN phase. All issues identified in the first step are fixed one by one during this Phase  



In this phase of the project, my team and I will carefully monitor the statistics and rankings using GA, GSC and Rank Trackers to make further assesments  


The findings in the CHECK phase are used to re strategies the project if required or keep it flowing as per the Original Plan. Then it is Rinse and Repeat from Here.

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