Google Search Spam Protection-Web Spam Report 2019

Google has published its 2019 Spam Report.

Along with that, an official blog has been published explaining the importance of eliminating spam.


Spam definition

Spam mimics a signal to get into the ranking system without providing high quality content or use technology that is harmful to searchers.


Why Google Search Can Help

The following are some of the reasons why Google search is helpful

  • Google displays highly relevant results for your query.
  • Language understanding
  • Improvement of the search system
    The elements to enter the ranking system are publicly available; how the search algorithm works. search/howsearchworks/algorithms/  


Spam Detection and Anti-Spam Status


The following is a pick of the parts of the article that discusses Google’s spam detection and countermeasures against it.

  • 25 billion pieces of spam are generated every day.
  • Most of them are recognized by the automatic system and countermeasures are taken
  • Signs of spam can be identified by the technology used and the Webmaster Guideline violations.
  • Some of it is manual, but the process can be automated.
  • As a result, more than 99% of hits from search are not spam pages.
  • User-generated spam (such as comment spam) has not increased since last year
  • Suppresses the effectiveness of link spam by more than 90%.
  • Hacking web spam is on the decline
  • Reduce spam caused by auto-generated and unauthorized content by more than 60 percent compared to 2018
  • 230,000 spam reports received in one year
  • 82% of the spam reports received have been dealt with
  • 90 million notifications to webmasters
  • 4.3 million of which were manual countermeasures.
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