Google rich result test is Live now. The structured data test tool is no longer available

Rich Results tests have been released from beta to the official version, supporting structured data in all rich results.
Along with this, structured data testing tools will soon be discontinued.

Rich result test supports all rich results

The Rich Result Test (RRT) is a tool introduced in December 2017.
Although various improvements have been made since its introduction, it did not support all rich results.

From beta to production, you can now validate all structured data that Google supports as a rich result.

Besides validating structured data, RRT has the following features.

  • Preview display
  • Same process as actual Googlebot rendering
  • Check the HTML code after rendering
  • Verification on both mobile and PC user agents

RRT is practical when implementing rich results.

Structured Data Testing Tool Ends

The Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) will be available for the time being but will be discontinued.

What SDTT can do but RRT can’t

I’ll be using a more sophisticated RRT in the future, but there is one disadvantage.

RRT can only validate structured data in rich results.
In other words, structured data that is not used by Google as a rich result is not subject to validation.

In contrast, SDTT, whether supported as a rich result or not, can be verified as technically valid as structured data.

For example, my blog post BlogPostingArticleyou have to mark up a sub-type of).
SDTT will detect it properly.

Image 2020-07-13 at 1.09.10 pm.png

However, it is not detected by RRT. Only
breadcrumbs ( BreadcrumbLis).
BreadcrumbListIs a rich result target, but BlogPostingis not a rich result target.

Image 2020-07-13 at 1.10.14 pm.png

I’ve found an alternative to SDTT which is exactly the same as Google’s Tool.

  • OutreachWarriors Structured Data Testing Tool

RRT is unlikely to support structured data that is not subject to rich results.
If you find an alternative to SDTT, share it (or let me know if you know).

Anyway, the rich result test is now official.
Meanwhile, the Structured Data Testing Tool will eventually be discontinued.

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